Adam Swords

Born and raised in Warwickshire, England and now living in Los Angeles, California.

I think I've always been a photographer, as weird as that sounds. I've always had a sort of creative inclination that as a child I would try to explore by drawing the ideas I had in my head. But I could never realize them on paper and it wasn't until I picked up a camera that I was able to take those images and stories finally translate them in to something tangible. 

I've always photographed the things I'm most passionate about, which has lead me to focus my efforts on high end automotive and luxury lifestyle work. Whether it's a global advertising campaign or a run-and-gun low key shoot for social media, I thrive on the challenge of creating the very best images with whatever resources are at hand.

As a keen traveler, I'm so fortunate to have worked with some of the best known brands on campaigns around the world, from California to Corsica and everything in between. It's another perk of the 'job', getting to meet amazing people in beautiful places. I'm thankful every day for the opportunities my camera has afforded me.

My clients include McLaren, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Jaguar Land Rover, Honda Motorcycles, Dell, Callaway, Canon, Sony, Microsoft and Nokia.