Shooting the £1.2million McLaren P1

I get to spend time around a lot of beautiful cars in my line of work. But every now and then something REALLY special comes along…

Like the £1.2 million, 903bhp, 2.8-to-sixty, 217 miles per hour McLaren P1 hybrid super car.

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DIY Location laptop case hands on [VIDEO]

A few months back you may have seen my post on building a DIY location laptop case similar to the one Chase showed off in 2007. We finally got around to filming a little video tour of it on a recent shoot, so I thought I’d share it with you guys here.

This cheap solution has been invaluable for us on shoots and has made the whole data management on the move process a damn sight easier. Rock up, flip the lid and you’re ready to dump cards. We’ve used this in cars, on airplanes and even on a boat and it’s kept all the computer gear safe and secure.

Have any of you guys built you own? If so I’d love to see your pictures, hit the jump for the video and let me know in the comments.

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How to get hired as a photographer – 3 simple tips to landing your dream job

To those on the outside, us photographers live a wonderful life full of exotic locations and beautiful models and you know what, I’m absolutely fine with that perception. What’s not fine is that some of those just getting in to this business think that’s what it’s all about too, which is only going to lead to a large dose of dream crushing disappointment.

When making the decision to become a full time photographer, it is important to understand that the business of photography is ten-percent taking pictures and ninety-percent hustling your ass off to land that next gig.

Now before I go any further, I’m not saying that to scare anybody off, quite the opposite in fact. I LOVE what I do and the ten-percent shooting is worth the 90-percent hustle twenty times over. But it’s a trap I’ve seen many University graduates and enthusiast-turned-pros fall in to, thinking that by having a website full of great images and the word ‘Photography‘ or ‘Media‘ after your name on Facebook is going to jettison you to photography stardom.

Following these three simple tips however, will get you on your way:

    1) Shoot great photographs
    2) Get your work seen by the people who matter
    3) Don’t be a d*ck.

I don’t profess that my methods are the only way or the right way to get hired. But by sharing some of the power moves which work for me, hopefully it’ll help those of you who are new to the game or those looking to add new weapons to your marketing arsenal. Continue reading

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Escape to the Lakes: Shooting the Revo Amarok

Last weekend I was comissioned by Revo to shoot their freshly wrapped Amarok. The brief was fairly loose; to incorporate lifestyle elements in to the photography whilst ensuring the emphasis remained on the truck.

Hit the jump to see the shots…

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Low cost, high quality DIY Photography laptop case

Back in 2007 Chase Jarvis released a video showing his custom photography laptop case (aka Pimp Your Laptop Case) using a Pelican 1490 and a bit of custom fabrication work. The whole set up was hugely portable and durable, but at over £150 or a couple of hundred bucks in the US, it’s a pretty expensive set up.

Luckily for us who don’t want to drop that much on a Pelican case, I’ve created a solution which is just as good. And it costs less than £30 ($50). All  you need is half an hour and some very basic DIY skills.

Hit the jump for the lowdown…  Continue reading

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We Are Warwickshire Short Film Series

The We Are Warwickshire microsite is now live:

We Are Warwickshire is a short film series shot and directed by myself over the last ten months. What started as a low key, small body of personal work has snowballed and gained the attention of TV and radio, businesses and advertising agencies across the UK and even members of parliament.

I’m blown away by the reception it’s had and have found it to be the most fulfilling project I’ve worked on to date.

Hit the jump for all six films, plus my interviews about the We Are Warwickshire series on BBC Radio and in The Leamington Courier. Continue reading

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Lifestyle test shoot in a chic modern apartment

Indoor young happy modern apartment (18)If you’ve been through my portfolio recently you may have noticed some new lifestyle shots in there. A couple of weeks ago I had a great test shoot with Leanne, Jane, Rachel and Jordan from Alan Sharman agency in Birmingham.

Hit the jump for more photos and a behind the scenes video…

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Crustum Bakery // We Are Warwickshire

Artisan Bakery

Film #3 the We Are Warwickshire series features Crustum Bakery in Kenilworth and the owner Nick.

Installed in to a shop big enough to touch both walls with your outstretched arms, this little artisan bakery is a beautiful place and Nick is the one-man-band behind it. My alarm was set for 3.00am to get there for when Nick starts baking at 4.00am and once I smelled that fresh bread being baked it was all worth while! Continue reading

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Monster Tuning Monster Truck and 8×8 Defender Promo Video

Land Rover Defender TD5 Monster Truck

In the Crimbo Limbo I had a call from Rik at Monster Tuning to ask if I could shoot a last minute promo video for their stand at Autosport in January. He said they had a Land Rover Discovery Monster Truck and an 8-wheel-drive (Yes 8!) Land Rover Defender that they wanted to get muddy for the camera. So the day after boxing day I headed over to deepest darkest Telford to film this little teaser…

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Tech: Lowepro S&F Series shakedown in the woods.

Camera Bag Review

I’ve been one of Lowepro’s “Loweprofessionals” for a while now, which means that every now and again they’ll ask for my opinion on one or two of their products to help with their R&D process. Before I go any further I want to make it clear that I’m not on their payroll and I’m not obliged to give a glowing review of their products. The opinions expressed below are my own, they’re honest and true…disclaimer over.

Hit the jump for the video and my thoughts on the S&F Series.

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